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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Thank you Thank you Thank you....

....we have now paid the final bill for Vegas, thank you very much everyone for paying us so promptly.

10 weeks to go......we should receive a pack containing the tickets, baggage labels etc etc in 6 weeks time.

Online booking will open for us all to check in (we already have our seats as we are group booking so no worries about people being sat apart). Nearer the time I will post the reference numbers needed.

Alternatively, Gatwick operates a "Twilight Check-In" service, where if you want, you can go to the airport the night before to check in all your bags and get your boarding card (if you havent printed it off via checking in online). This is a great service if you are planning on a) trying to get a cheaper upgrade to premium, or b) if you want to purchase the emergency exit seats for the extra leg room. I believe these are £75 each way.

(FYI - I  think the pictures/videos I have been uploading dont appear on email, you have to log on to the blog to see them)

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